sore throat

breakfast: eggplant bolognaise @ bashamichi 
dessert in a cup!: tall chocolate cookie crumble frap 
snack: WHOLE LOAF OF BREAD from the newly opened lawson near my house haha. i think i may be stressed. then i had a sugar coma and fell asleep on the couch. as a result i overslept and missed jap class. actually to be honest i really didn want to go hahahah slacker in the house!!
dinner: sunkist grapefruits really suck! the skin was so thick and weird. but i needed my dose of vitamin C. the crazy cookie dinner last night ended up giving me a sore throat today and my nose has been runny too. word is theres a flu bug going around and by right i should be drinking loads of water but im having the kinda sore throat where it hurts to even swallow water -_- and i should be turning in early tonight but my report is due tmrrrrrr

supper: fried takikomigohan and tofu. 

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