being a bimbo in engineering school is tough

breakfast: i was sooo hungry so i bought a random breakfast bar called ZEN from a drugstore and devoured it on the way to 2nd period
then i found out at 12pm that i had an interview exam at 3pm about my sluice gate experiment i did last month so it totally ruined my mood for tsukemen lunch with darrell. but it was still OISHII (although i kept ranting the whole time haha sorry darrell!!) anyway this was at YASUBEH near school and i think its one of my favourite tsukemen places (besides giant @ tanashi)

dessert: 100yen snack – almond cookies with chocolate filling from 7e.

dinner: wasn hungry so i had a grande cafe mocha from tully’s. circumstances did not permit any picture taking.

supper: california prunes form lawson. 158 yen.

currently working on my daikanyama hillside terrace photo report. damn last minute lol but thought id share some of my thoughts with you guys. the picture below was taken from inside a gallery at the hillside terrace. pardon my ipod camera quality, but as u can see from the picture, through two layers of windows inside one building itself a person is able to experience 3 different kinds of spaces (public, semi-public/semi-private, and private) at the same time. i think this is definitely one of the intentions of fumihiko maki, the architect, while he was designing this project. i wish id read my material before visiting the place though, then i wouldve been able to take better pictures ah well but i think sasaki sensei probably knows this place like the back of her hand anyway.

but yeah hillside terrace is quite a cool place (then again, the whole of daikanyama is) so i think id wanna visit it again very soon. just to walk through the place after having read up on its architecture background and also to look for the very evasive mexican restaurant – HACIENDA DEL CIELO

(edit) supper no.2: mini bowl of rice and eggplant and minced meat cooked in miso. too hungry.


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