perancangan bandar

breakfast: another soba improvisation. this time made using rendang flavoured indomie powder. weird but tasty.

snack: no picture but i had a “big choco” snack. got deceived by the cheap price ie 47 yen but it was like eating chocolate coated air.

late lunch: DOUBLE CHEESEBURGER SET. its really a wonder how they make mcdonalds taste the same everywhere. taste of the fries brought back memories of accounts tuition with francis on thursdays in form4/5 i think i frequented the bangsar mcds the most back in my kl days. double cheeseburger reminded me of cheese because he was the one who made me try it. before that i ONLY had chicken mcnuggets from mcdonalds. ahhh memories.

also, the cafe mocha made me have temporary euphoria during value engineering class hahhaah i was soo chatty i even surprised myself.

fuel: chocolate makes the world go round. had this while preparing my powerpoint presentation about malaysian urban planning policies. i thought urban planning was like simcity but boy have i been duped. its actually more about planning policies and laws and enactments and amendments etc etc yawn.

i have another similar assignment japanese due this friday night. but tonight im finally gonna finish shawshank!! PRIORITIES

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