breakfast: oatmeal
lunch: this bento at the immigration office. the visa renewal document screening procedures took 3 long hours cos it was sooo crowded. in cantonese theres a saying that talks about how ur neck grows while ure waiting for something so for a moment there i think i became a giraffe.

dinner?: this overly sweet matcha choco bread

snacks at 上ちゃん家。the popcorn was sooo sweet it gave me a toothache. uechan and soooo many of my friends are leaving japan this coming august, some for good, some for a year on exchange programs. aya, mouchan, darrell, rachel, uechan and cody, hajime. feeling super bummed but hey life goes on. i dono whether im grateful for facebook because it lets us keep in touch (in a very superficial way sometimes) or i should hate it because with its existence it kinda dumbs down the preciousness of face-to-face relationships with things like “see you on facebook!” (i cant stand hearing that line!!) sometimes i find fb really weird because things just come up on ur newsfeed automatically and because of that you’re kinda “expected” to know what ur friends are up to with their lives but hey with 1000 + over friends it gets hard to keep up and after a while at some point in time i just completely lost interest. i don even read the newsfeed anymore i only read my notifications. ある程度自己中だからさ

im contemplating some warm milk again tonight 🙂

oh and i have a MASSIVE period zit on my face it better pop by tmr morning id HATE to have to work with that on my face


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