breakfast: balance up biscuits x 2 (black sesame flavour and peanut flavour!)
lunch: father’s day special taco rice at church!

tea: banana milkshake @ inokashira park.

  met the missionary choir team from california whose tokyo coordinator just so happened to be rachel’s friend and they just so happened to be singing in the park. they got chased out eventually but rachel and i followed them as groupies around kichijoji for a little while. its so amazing to see them singing so passionately even though it was 28 degrees out today and they seemed so genuinely happy to be singing for complete strangers and interacting with us, ppl theyve just met 10 minutes ago or something. first timer foreigners in japan are are really a breath of fresh air; it reminds me of how far ive fallen HAHAHHA just kidding. anyway they really made my day.

dinner: had rye toast before i went out to buy this 肉挟みなす天 ie meat stuffed between two slices of eggplant and deep fried oishikatta! then i had a couple cubes of cream cheese 😀

last hydraulics experiment tmr!! time passes crazy fast????


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