last concrete lab

brunch: padthai at tinun!!! familiar familiar sight. not as tasty as i remembered? they have gapao pad thai now! i shouldve tried that but i only saw it after i ordered

dinner: apple two sunny side ups on rye toast with mustard

concrete lab was so tiring today i fell asleep on the couch soon after eating haha and now im having another apple. btw how do u guys like my haiku? left both my phone AND ipod at home yesterday so i didn get to snap pictures of my meals so i revamped my layout instead 🙂

btw WHAT is UP with these pelicans?? LMAO

2 thoughts on “last concrete lab”

  1. yeah it mustve been one of those “moments” and the photographer snapped at just the right time!! i imagine the boy mustve been quite traumatized though, def pretty FISHYYY in there


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