breakfast: oatmeal
lunch at はらの台所 (momen-so), its the cafe version of hara donuts although they didn offer donuts. this was my quiche set for 850 yen. actually 1000 yen plus coffee. im slowly but surely becoming caffeine dependent!! price to pay for growing up. the menu today was fish and mentaiko quiche and cold sweet potato creamy soup. i preferred the soup to the main though! the salad was nice with a sprinkle of barley oats too but sadly, it was crazily overdressed. next time i need to remember to order salads with dressing on the side!

a picture of rachel’s cupcake which i didn try. reason – tight skirt tight shirt and nerves. 

dinner: apple and avocad-egg toast. 

after today, i have a feeling 就活 is gonna be the most stressful and difficult thing i have to do in my life (so far).

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