breakfast: burnt oatmeal T_T. my room still stinks a little bit.
lunch: thai food with aras and toy @ luuk chang, lumine est 7th floor! i had the half & half set which consisted of half a serving of gapao and half a serving of thai pho. the set included a mini salad and spring roll and believe it or not ALL YOU CAN EAT coconut milk tapioca!! i mean they didn say it was 食べ放題 but it was self service so u can help urself to as many bowls as u like so i had 2 🙂

i was supposed to rush home to submit my monthly report to my scholarship office but both my bad sempais convinced me to go shopping and karaoke with them lolllll

tea: hot soy milk
dinner: zunda (mashed green soybeans as translated by google) pretz x 3! souvenirs from tohoku courtesy of toy. and half an avocado and an apple. i forgot to take a picture but found one online so here you go

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