lunch: 高菜おにぎり。pickled vegetable onigiri
tea: another onigiri. but this time an edamame one. did u know that edamame is called 毛豆in chinese ie hairy bean? but in japanese its called 枝豆 ie “branch bean”
dinner: instant vege curry and egg on deep fried tofu sprinkled with some leftover hairy beans from last night. and a banana! 


breakfast: oatmeal
lunch: meat pau and red bean pau and TONS of snacks at dpm

dinner: mah FEAST. banana, mini katsudon, some of that edamame and 100 yen barbeque chips! they look like “windows” from bangkok but of course not as tasty!! this was my fuel for my stupid hydraulics report which im about to resume to… in a bit. procrastinators unite!!… in a bit.

now i remember how i started loving milla. shes so hilarious. “Ja, WE SHATCHU DOWNN!” and her CRAZY LAUGH @ 2:10!! check it out pls



breakfast: burnt oatmeal T_T. my room still stinks a little bit.
lunch: thai food with aras and toy @ luuk chang, lumine est 7th floor! i had the half & half set which consisted of half a serving of gapao and half a serving of thai pho. the set included a mini salad and spring roll and believe it or not ALL YOU CAN EAT coconut milk tapioca!! i mean they didn say it was 食べ放題 but it was self service so u can help urself to as many bowls as u like so i had 2 🙂

i was supposed to rush home to submit my monthly report to my scholarship office but both my bad sempais convinced me to go shopping and karaoke with them lolllll

tea: hot soy milk
dinner: zunda (mashed green soybeans as translated by google) pretz x 3! souvenirs from tohoku courtesy of toy. and half an avocado and an apple. i forgot to take a picture but found one online so here you go