officially summer 2012

NO MORE EXAMS YAY!!! this term feels weird though, i didn get all sentimental after my last paper. just went to school, took the exam and left. #coldhearted

brunch; this bento and 8 sticks of chocochip bread. LOL felt super sick after that. but its yummy:)
dinner: yoyogi picnic food with the gang. i used my new camera to take the pics of the food and im too lazy to upload them hahahaha i think i should still use my ipod for my food diary for convenience’s sake
then we went to take a super ridiculous sticker photos (known as purikura here). its ridiculous because besides enlarging our eyes it also visually LENGTHEN our legs (美脚効果)look at aya’s unnaturally LONGGGG thigh hahahha only in japannnnn. i wish they had natural purikura though, no effects, nothing, just a normal picture which u can scribble things on

anyway, ESC starts tmr so i wont be able to blog for a while but ill be back before u know it! 🙂

certified VEL

breakfast: bubble milk tea from pearl lady after my test. passing mark was 70 and i passed with 73 PHEWWW hahha so im officially a VE leader. self reminder: email kou-sensei for extra credit
lunch: got to spend time with uechan on his last day in tokyo!!! gosh im gonna miss that bitch. RAMEN at a random place in shinjuku. i didn like it but uechan the self proclaimed ramen expert said its oishii *shrugs
dinner: mouchan’s dumpling rice with egg and komatsuna vege
what’s that? did u realise that my dinner photo’s resolution is strangely much higher than my usual sad pixelated ipod pictures!? 
thats because i bought a new camera!! :))) VE合格して上ちゃんと一緒にいたらテンション上がって買っちゃった ^_^ v しかもお揃いだよ because uechan spilled some alcohol over his old lumix and it was gonna cost him 10000 yen to get it fixed and he was like WHAT THE SHIT im gonna get a new one! and i was like OK ME TOO!!! lolll so we bought the exact same one (he is a copycat) 

 with this, im all set for all my summer adventures!! but first i have to finish my last exam tmr. can u believe i still have exams i really cannot believe it. あり得ない. rikou really sucks


brunch: healthy set at dominique saibron, the yummy yummy overexpensive bakery at shinjuku west exit

tea: strawberry banana smoothie @ chococro. VE = value engineering. and this is my first hemingway! im currently about one third done with it. its really interesting to read literature from this era (is this postmodernism, su?). this was set in paris in the 1920s and although the stuff these ppl say and do and their values are so different from this generation, theyre not soo far out that its not relatable. the feel of this book kinda reminds me of the great gatsby and breakfast at tiffany’s because the characters are all kinda “loose” but u can still feel the romance and elegance, unlike contemporary novels about sluts and sleazy ppl like those in Rules of Attraction (not to say i didn enjoy rules of attraction, its one of my favourite books btw)

then when i came home i found these ppl dancing all over my street. they were having some kinda summer festival and its great to see the so many of the locals because usually the street is suuuper quiet.

dinner: omelette, avocado, sweet potato

alices, alices everywhere

breakfast: avocado on toast while doing some last minute cramming for 道路アセット

 snack: pear jelly

dinner at a restaurant with an alice-in-wonderland theme. the waitresses were dressed like alice. the more i looked at them the more i lost my appetite (yup i have an adverse physical reaction to cosplay). also, im thinking of getting a new camera by next week because my ipod takes shit pictures. haha and u cant expect me to do all the travelling over the summer hols without a real camera, can u! 🙂