take me to prom again

lunch at kgk room: lousy picture because u cant really see the food lol. anyway i had a stick of karaage (fried chicken) and spinach pasta in basil sauce. also tried this 98 yen melon ole from 7e but its too sweet and i couldn taaste the milk at all. what a disappointment. the melon milk which i bought a while ago, also from 7e, was much better.

snack: boysenberry slow bar

 dinner: tofu steak in mushroom sauce with rice and seaweed salad. i had yogurt with raspberry jam for dessert. hate having to eat fast at work.

supper: pineapple!

“Dior National Convention” tonight. don really know what its about but the guests were all Dior employees and about 95% of them were women. haha and they were all so glamorous and dressed up to the nines, totally a different level from the usual wedding guests. gone were the modest dresses, shawls and unflattering wraps. most of these guests were so pretty and smelt so good it was almost suffocating because there were so many of them hahaha. man i guess looking beautiful is a requirement if u wanna work with giant brands like Dior. so anyway as i was telling debs i really feel like going to prom or a gala or something after tonight. i wanna dress up and look pretty too! 🙂



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