emotional rollercoaster

brunch: my sweet potato takikomigohan VS litei’s chicken chop

dinner: MUJI!(clockwise) mapo tofu in a ramekin, burdock root patty, and veges cooked in a tomatoey sauce.

dessert: crepe and an alfresco night out at shinjuku.

birthday girl.
i had a crazy emotional roller coaster ride today. started off with great public design class in the morning about “porocle”, a relatively new rent-a-cycle system in sapporo, hokkaido (sapPORO cyCLE, get it?), awesome DPM, then i got so excited for ame who passed dentsu, then a dip because i didn hear from dentsu :(, followed by the pains of rejection which slowly grew into denial then acceptance, and after that i received a a really random email from C at which i don really know how to react and should probably ignore, then upon exiting the building 14 library i saw MINJUNG whom i haven seen for nearly 2 years and we chatted for like an hour while standing outside the library haha. gosh i miss her she didn change at all. and she said i didn either 🙂 just like old times 🙂 i guess the night ended on a high note with hanging out with rachel and friends and a night jog but now im all alone again and STUPID DENTSU HASN REPLIED. at least TELL me i failed u know don leave me hanging like this!!! BAAAAAAAAAAKA.
林 湘亭様のエントリー課題提出を受け付けましたのでお知らせいたします。
選考結果のお知らせまで今しばらくお待ちくださいませ。…..my ass!!>(

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