brunch: healthy set at dominique saibron, the yummy yummy overexpensive bakery at shinjuku west exit

tea: strawberry banana smoothie @ chococro. VE = value engineering. and this is my first hemingway! im currently about one third done with it. its really interesting to read literature from this era (is this postmodernism, su?). this was set in paris in the 1920s and although the stuff these ppl say and do and their values are so different from this generation, theyre not soo far out that its not relatable. the feel of this book kinda reminds me of the great gatsby and breakfast at tiffany’s because the characters are all kinda “loose” but u can still feel the romance and elegance, unlike contemporary novels about sluts and sleazy ppl like those in Rules of Attraction (not to say i didn enjoy rules of attraction, its one of my favourite books btw)

then when i came home i found these ppl dancing all over my street. they were having some kinda summer festival and its great to see the so many of the locals because usually the street is suuuper quiet.

dinner: omelette, avocado, sweet potato


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