officially summer 2012

NO MORE EXAMS YAY!!! this term feels weird though, i didn get all sentimental after my last paper. just went to school, took the exam and left. #coldhearted

brunch; this bento and 8 sticks of chocochip bread. LOL felt super sick after that. but its yummy:)
dinner: yoyogi picnic food with the gang. i used my new camera to take the pics of the food and im too lazy to upload them hahahaha i think i should still use my ipod for my food diary for convenience’s sake
then we went to take a super ridiculous sticker photos (known as purikura here). its ridiculous because besides enlarging our eyes it also visually LENGTHEN our legs (美脚効果)look at aya’s unnaturally LONGGGG thigh hahahha only in japannnnn. i wish they had natural purikura though, no effects, nothing, just a normal picture which u can scribble things on

anyway, ESC starts tmr so i wont be able to blog for a while but ill be back before u know it! 🙂

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