dark ages

breakfast: lettuce, purple cabbage, sweet potato, eggplant, cherry tomatoes 
lunch: shrimp and penne gratin

dinner: ham, seaweed, lettuce, eggplant
mini mini (my realtor) made a pointless visit to my house today. i will find out tmr if they are willing to change the light fixture for me or if i have to fork out my own money to move on to “renaissance age” damn it



breakfast: arranging a salad is sooo therapeutic. how come i never knew that before?? well at least i do now 🙂

lunch: baked potato chowder set @ chowders, tokyo midtown. tasted just like any other cream based soup (yummy, salty, and comforting) but it was really a catch because the soup + a baguette + cafe latte altogether only cost 630 yen!!

 brought my cafe latte out to the terrace area for a nice 3 hours with jason bourne (or delta because delta is for charlie. charlie is for cain!! lol) i am a firm believer and a huge fan of open public spaces with movable cafe tables and chairs

dinner: kakesoba with spinach and purple cabbage. accidental romantic lighting because the hanging switch of my room’s one and only light got stuck when i pulled it too hard. gotta transform to mechanic sheng in a bit.

oh and i bought a croatian guide book from tsutaya today!! its sooo cute ill remember to take a picture of it tmr