last summer’s day in tokyo

brunch: thick yoshida udon from yamanashi with shimeji mushrooms

snack: grapefruit

dinner: sushi with ame! got a stomachache -_- i think my stomachs only loyal to sushiro

dessert: zenzai @ first kitchen. when shortened, this fast food chain is pronounced FAKKIN


last minute

brunch: pickled plum onigiri and grapefruit tea from 7e
lunch: famous sato corokke @ kichijoji. 

dinner: tokyo soup stock regular set. gamjatang (korean style spicy chicken soup) and rice sprinkled with sesame

supper: chocolate covered coffee beans, grapes, edamame

flip table

brekkie: my last egg (till october) on top of vege

lunch: some black pepper fish and coffee jelly at work.

matcha cream swirkle. ok ive been drinking too much of these cafe dessert drinks lately.

trust me i had MUCH MUCH MORE bread than that. パンなら本当に恐ろしい量が食べれるよ。



breakfast: stir fried everything in the fridge

lunch: pancakes

dinner: mini tuna steak on rice @ ootoya. the spinach is actually iandre’s.

 late night cocoa @ starbucks, seibu shinjuku station. pleasantly surprised to see risa working there haha

piece of wedding cake

breakfast: oatmeal. i spilled the first bowl and made a second. cleaning the mess was such a PAIN
lunch: カツ煮 braised deep fried pork cutlet (??) and salad at work
dinner?: matcha smoothie @ koots green tea cafe

supper: edamame!!! 


PS to explain the title, tatsuya san let me sneak-eat a piece of wedding cake after work today! 今日微妙についてた ^_^ mini mini called and  offered to fix the light for me on monday too