personal space

breakfast: my sister’s leftover beef and rice and 4 pieces of bread and milo wtheck
tea: royal milk tea @ doutor

dinner: more leftover beef on a bed of salad

supper: persimmons


breakfast: none. so i had vege juice and “almond peak” chocs from the glico box at the office instead. felt crazy heaty after that
lunch: onigiri
dinner: my sister cooked! 回鍋肉 and omelette that tastes a bit like home

and i tapaued auntie annes! we had half a sour cream & onion and half an almond crunch each.

and guess what! got the news today that i passed my scholarship extension interview!! well i really wasnt THAT worried about the results but i was just kinda disgusted with myself because i thought i sounded super bimbotic during the interview. honestly it was like my deepest darkest nightmare of sounding like a bimbo coming true. however, apparently it was a unanimous decision among the 12 interviewers!! crazy. why do ppl believe in me so much more than i believe in myself. 
after a dazed and sleepy morning at gen go i rushed to school for 3rd period to finish up my soil report and handed it in in the nick of time. sucks cos i heard nobody passed it, everyone in my group has to resubmit, bugger. things started to look up a bit during clay strength lab which was pretty fun where i finally got to catch up with natsuki after so long! then i got a call from hayashi san from the scholarship foundation who passed me the good news and i was sooooo over the moon. not such a black monday for me teehee! now i just hope ai mei gets it too. her results come out tmr morning!! 
anyway im super beat so im off to bed now ciaociaocincau

phillipians 4:6-7

10/27 breakfast: green tea protein drink
lunch: 牛肉と里芋の煮物 lunch at work
dinner: soup stock ! with mari and hitomi
then i had more bread at home
breakfast: protein drink
2nd breakfast: custard cream bun from 7e 

lunch: standard burger lunch set at gono burger and grill, kichijoji. this is good stuff.  1250 yen for drink bar and salad bar and the burger was DEEEElicious

dinner?: strawberry caramel flavoured popcorn and a MASSIVE apple

here’s one for jas. maybe i should try it soon! 🙂


most lovable person

breakfast: protein drink and the banana below at daily prayer meeting. those are my fortnum and mason cookies!! they were a hit, naturally, because they were YUMMAY. why do i know, you ask me? because i had the upper batch (the tin came with 2 identical batches) all to myself except two which i grudgingly gave to my sister hahaha. “souvenirs” usually become “souvenirs for myself” most of the time. maybe i don have enough love for others.
lunch: onigiri with a piece of (processed) meat on top

snack: 一口カステラ! mini castella buns. aka kuih baulu. brain fuel while writing my lab report. 

dinner: ai mei is in town! from gifu down south (or west?) so we had nasi lemak for dinner!! she was my best friend back in jap school in midvalley and we used to go to yoga class together every week and i would have dinner at her house and eat her dad’s yummy cooking 🙂 shes also the most lovable person on earth trust me theres not a single ounce of bitchiness in her!! proof of her lovability: shes been with her first boyfriend for almost 6 years (2.5 years long distance) and he said he was ok with “waiting for her” even if she decides to work in japan for a few years after graduation. man, i wonder if i will ever meet a man like that in my life.

ps the waitress gave us 2 spoons and 1 fork 


tis the life of an unpaid intern

breakfast: oatmeal
lunch: じゅうじゅう焼き定食
tea: mister donut from spencer’s friend who came to visit the office for a bit.
dinner: identical salad as last night w/o the egg. i also had koala’s march and a banana.

my current obsession. hands up those of you who think we need mic stands at karaoke. seriously, gesturing emotionally while singing the lyrics of a song just takes the experience to a whole new level, doncha think?!


brunch: viedefrance bread! they were having 10% off everything for today and tomorrow so i couldn’t resist! pictured are a half eaten chicken and gobou (burdock root) savoury bun and a marron souffle bread (labelled “Softy Malon Cream”). i liked the combination of the marron custard cream and whipped cream filling but the outside tasted a little cheap. well what can one expect with both pieces costing me only 294 yen! still, im a happy girl when i get to eat 菓子パン。
georgia emerald mountain coffee at work. they didn have the sugarless one i liked at the conbini near my office. my teeth nearly fell out from the sweetness.
dinner: boring salad and seaweed miso soup which looks like drain water in this picture.

btw i found out the identity of the guy i was checking out on the bus last night. haha hes actually a friend of a friend whom ive spoken to once before so no wonder he kept glancing at me! なるほどね。felt bad for not recognizing him but hey he couldve said something. 

are you looking at me?

brunch: apple and rice with eggplants and ham. my sister steamed those eggplants using the new microwave steamer i bought from nitori!! i dono how she did it cos i was konked out when she was cooking but the texture and mushiness was just about right. cant wait to try using the steamer myself soon.
dinner: curry udon. the last of my thick and chewy yoshida udon. i also had another apple after that haha.

PS there was a really cute guy on the bus back to rikou after translation studies today. he kept looking my way (ok i dono whether im being perasan ie conceited or not but !!!) but yeah he was really cute. i wonder if ill see him again?