poor little NHK man

breakfast: green tea protein drink
lunch: tsukemen @ ippudo with yaya

dinner: ayans leftover mayo-corn bun and a banana

dessert: taiwanese mooncake from yaya!! its soooo different from our normal mooncake but its still yummy! reminded me of polo buns from hk

a new NHK debt collector made an appearance at my doorstep today. i really didn wanna pay and could the timing be any worse?? because im still super broke from eurotrip!! haha so i refused to pay and he said could i please please please pay one months worth so i had to part with 1345 yen so now i have about 5000 yen left until the 15th…… dude thats 12 days so less than 500 yen a day… CHALLENGE ACCEPTED (kinda) 


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