Edinburgh (+a little bit of London)

breakfast: cant remember 😦 probably some bread and fruit
lunch: muesli and ginger & lemon tea from benugo @ the lawn outside westminster abbey. it was an “i love life” moment
dinner: worst fish and chips ive ever tasted. @ rock and sole plaice, covent garden

dessert: all of them (jas, xv, ew and yw) had gelato at this shop but i didn.

brunch: spinach galette @ le creperie, south kensington

 dessert crepe: crepe with marron cream. kinda boring compared to the harajuku crepes haha i wonder if its ok to say that because crepes did come from france

snack: Ben’s Dark Chocolate Chunk cookie!! i absolutely love the size of cookies in England. In japan the closest thing u can get are probably those pathetic individually packed country maams

dinner: combination of zucchini salad& snap peas salad from muriel’s kitchen? ok i cant remember if it was muriel but it was definitely somebody’s kitchen.

breakfast: hot white cafe mocha

brunch: cheddar scone @ Gallery of Modern Art

late lunch: vegetable curry rice. loved the couscous! (the yellow bits)

view atop arthur’s seat. so worth the climb. and the weather was just perfect!

dinner: steven’s greek-italian girlfriend alex cooked a chicken stew dish for us! 🙂 what a good thing to be craving rice and getting to eat 2 rice dishes consecutively!

breakfast: apple
lunch: haggis ie minced sheep’s inerts with mash and tatties. served with a brandy sauce ( i think?) i actually found this really TASTY mmmm. @ the world’s end pub.

i was impressed by the number of sauces available for free haha. i really felt like taking them home but i forgot. didn recall until now as im blogging this damit

tea: light coffee frap at a starbucks opposite the edinburgh castle

dinner: chinese at a place called Happiness

next up: PARIS & MARSEILLES !!


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