consolidated drained

breakfast: oatmeal
lunch: coffee and onigiri right before soil mechanics lab
snack: “salty bread”, viedefrance. i actually wasn hungry at all, but the refusal to go home early and distance of the library from the station gave me no choice but to buy this 95 yen worth of empty calories just to get a seat in the cafe. 

 dinner: salad and fish. there’s actually okra and avocado in there. i was feeling quite bad from all the carbohydrates that i’d consumed throughout the day that my body was CRAVING a salad by dinnertime. hey i cant wait to have a chitchat session with ame and half priced thai food tmr! わくわくしていますよ私は。後ね、今学期はおねえちゃんが来たせいか(それともおかげって言ったほうがいいかな)一人の時間がめったにないので真面目になりつつって感じている。ってかおお姉ちゃんもめっちゃ頑張っている。うざいほど日本語の単語や挨拶などを音読している。

dessert: apple


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