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breakfast: ham and cheese sandwich right before class. thank goodness my favourite teacher asano sensei is always late so i had 10 minutes to enjoy this. 
lunch/snack: sweet potato flavored crunky popjoy. 
dinner: kimchi miso soup with okra and shimeji mushrooms, rice, egg. the soup was just what i needed after running  home in the rain. that was a huge mistake because the rain was heavier than i expected and i was DRENCHED by the time i reached home. also for some reason my chest was really red?? i know from experience it only gets red like that when i drink too much. weird. maybe it was from the running. anyway i should really take a shower soon before i catch a cold. 
oh yeah did u know a salaryman probably in his 40s shared his umbrella with me on the way to harajuku station? really really so sweet. there is still hope (in terms of chivalry) in this country after all.
supper: apple
and heres a pleasant surprise from my favourite korean friend :)))) good day despite the rain? 

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