brunch: viedefrance bread! they were having 10% off everything for today and tomorrow so i couldn’t resist! pictured are a half eaten chicken and gobou (burdock root) savoury bun and a marron souffle bread (labelled “Softy Malon Cream”). i liked the combination of the marron custard cream and whipped cream filling but the outside tasted a little cheap. well what can one expect with both pieces costing me only 294 yen! still, im a happy girl when i get to eat 菓子パン。
georgia emerald mountain coffee at work. they didn have the sugarless one i liked at the conbini near my office. my teeth nearly fell out from the sweetness.
dinner: boring salad and seaweed miso soup which looks like drain water in this picture.

btw i found out the identity of the guy i was checking out on the bus last night. haha hes actually a friend of a friend whom ive spoken to once before so no wonder he kept glancing at me! なるほどね。felt bad for not recognizing him but hey he couldve said something. 


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