most lovable person

breakfast: protein drink and the banana below at daily prayer meeting. those are my fortnum and mason cookies!! they were a hit, naturally, because they were YUMMAY. why do i know, you ask me? because i had the upper batch (the tin came with 2 identical batches) all to myself except two which i grudgingly gave to my sister hahaha. “souvenirs” usually become “souvenirs for myself” most of the time. maybe i don have enough love for others.
lunch: onigiri with a piece of (processed) meat on top

snack: 一口カステラ! mini castella buns. aka kuih baulu. brain fuel while writing my lab report. 

dinner: ai mei is in town! from gifu down south (or west?) so we had nasi lemak for dinner!! she was my best friend back in jap school in midvalley and we used to go to yoga class together every week and i would have dinner at her house and eat her dad’s yummy cooking 🙂 shes also the most lovable person on earth trust me theres not a single ounce of bitchiness in her!! proof of her lovability: shes been with her first boyfriend for almost 6 years (2.5 years long distance) and he said he was ok with “waiting for her” even if she decides to work in japan for a few years after graduation. man, i wonder if i will ever meet a man like that in my life.

ps the waitress gave us 2 spoons and 1 fork 


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