breakfast: none. so i had vege juice and “almond peak” chocs from the glico box at the office instead. felt crazy heaty after that
lunch: onigiri
dinner: my sister cooked! 回鍋肉 and omelette that tastes a bit like home

and i tapaued auntie annes! we had half a sour cream & onion and half an almond crunch each.

and guess what! got the news today that i passed my scholarship extension interview!! well i really wasnt THAT worried about the results but i was just kinda disgusted with myself because i thought i sounded super bimbotic during the interview. honestly it was like my deepest darkest nightmare of sounding like a bimbo coming true. however, apparently it was a unanimous decision among the 12 interviewers!! crazy. why do ppl believe in me so much more than i believe in myself. 
after a dazed and sleepy morning at gen go i rushed to school for 3rd period to finish up my soil report and handed it in in the nick of time. sucks cos i heard nobody passed it, everyone in my group has to resubmit, bugger. things started to look up a bit during clay strength lab which was pretty fun where i finally got to catch up with natsuki after so long! then i got a call from hayashi san from the scholarship foundation who passed me the good news and i was sooooo over the moon. not such a black monday for me teehee! now i just hope ai mei gets it too. her results come out tmr morning!! 
anyway im super beat so im off to bed now ciaociaocincau

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