surprise! i have pics of what i ate today

and also other random photos from the past week or so
brunch; tall gingerbread latte and bacon pumpkin quiche. this tasted disgusting, almost like airplane food made using powdered eggs and wayyyy overpriced at 320yen/piece pfft

dinner: takikomigohan (something we haven seen in a while!) and miso soup
lunch at 台湾餃子房 near school. mapo tofu set. the lady gave us a free plate of karaage (fried chicken) too!
猪排麺(kanji?) at 台湾食堂, 新大久保

pasta lunch at school: steamed chicken rose sauce

this picture makes me feel dizzy. anyway its rice cooked with pesto sauce and i topped it with half an avocado

katsudon bento ie my 定番bento

my sister bought this for me. teriyaki chicken it was soooo tender mmmm 


here you go! a sporadic post again 😀 
bun with sweet potato filling (meh) and spinach flavoured bun with a cream cheese swirl (yum!)
cheese toast and 2 sunny side ups! this meal had potential to be arranged into a smiley face but the artist had no time/patience

dinner one night: menchi katsu ie deep fried minced meat patty on top of mapotofu rice

brunch today: hot mint cocoa from lisa and chestnut flavoured madeleine! i had another kabocha flavoured one, theyre both limited editions from cosy corner. in case u were wondering jas they tasted just like any generic factory-manufactured pastry out there but then again i don have a patisserie’s palate

dinner: tsukemen at 優作 pronounced ユウ・サク as in YUU-SAKU as in YOU SUCK!!! 
hey but the tsukemen didn suck at all. it was a seafood based broth and if u can see the toppings were pretty interesting and unlike any other tsukemen ive tried before! they had 3 different kinds of seaweeds, prawns, clams and charsiew. my friends LOVED it but i still think GIANT > YASUBE > YOUSUCK for tsukemen 
btw im taking a break from my part time job so i finally have a weekend to look forward to starting tmr!!! actually the rest of japan are enjoying a 3 day weekend (but waseda just decided to have classes as per normal-__- despite it being labour day). but i have so much reading/assignments to catch up on i hardly think itll be as relaxing a weekend as id pictured. at least i get to stay home (or the option to) though! 🙂

painkiller for the heart

breakfast: hot milk tea. bero once told me about how she thinks milk tea/teh tarik tastes like drain water and sometimes i feel like i understand what she was getting at. but i still drink it because i rather enjoy it when im not thinking about it tasting like drain water dya know what i mean? 
lunch: simmered fish and radish, sesame dressed spinach, takikomigohan @ jasmine, harajuku.
dinner: double banana oatmeal. man i was soooo excited to start digging into this. the texture was super thick (you can tell by the spoon sticking out of it independently!) 
been taking the painkillers the doctor prescribed for me. actually im kinda apprehensive about taking them because isnt there some kinda disease where you cant feel pain and you start touching hot things and hurting yourself unconsciously because basically u cant feel the pain?? could be leprosy. so by prescribing me painkillers, yes hes easing my suffering but what if im straining my neck by not lying down? ok granted, i was sitting in an office for most part of the day but ur neck needs strength to hold up ur head which is the heaviest part of your body!! aka direct axial loading lawhls. im probably just being paranoid and overreacting but neck/spine injuries are injuries worth getting paranoid over no?? 
therefore i shall be trying to get to bed early tonight. 
right after this mendokuseeeeeeehhh concrete dynamics assignment.

pain, sorcery, tweet, commendation

so i might have strained/pulled a muscle during trampoline class yesterday and i decided to take a day off interning because the back of my neck was aching like craaaaazy when i woke up and i keep having to grunt in pain every time i squat down and its annoying cos i bet i look normal but im actually experiencing intense pain.
 went to the waseda clinic and who knew that you couldnt get ur prescription from the clinic itself, you actually have to go to the drugstore after that to purchase the list of stuff recommended by the doctor?? im sorry if i sound like a noob at this but back home there is no such hassle we just get the pills from the clinic right after the consultation! so i had to pay 2 separate bills in the end boo. but its ok because waseda will reimburse me woots and the jap healthcare system rocks. almost 75~80% of the medical fees are covered by insurance. and waseda has this system of compensating all medical fees after the 500 yen mark ie it doesn matter if uve paid 2000 or 8000 yen for medical fees (after being covered by insurance) waseda will pay for the remaining 2000-500 = 1500 or 8000-500 = 7500 yen!! no wonder mouchan used to go to the hospital so frequently
anyway i had to fork out 1010 yen for the consulation fee and 710 for the drugs (pictured below) please pardon my excitement because this is my first time actually buying prescripted medicine from a drugstore in japan hehe. theyre mostly painkillers and the one on the right is actually a painkiller salonpas which i have already pasted on my neck and it is WORKING like a charm. i am currently having a “what kind of sorcery is this” moment right now. noob again, sorry.
my classmate posted a tweet today which i found very appalling but kinda funny as well. roughly translated, he tweeted “theres this annoying couple on the train flirting with each other openly and taking up so much space its getting on my nerves. BUT, since her uns are exposed (zhao gong) its ok i guess.”
i replied “omg what kinda logic is that” and hes like “if you look at a bad thing with a different perspective, you can find something good in it lol!” 
and here are some other ppl reacting to his tweet. some of them are calling him HENTAI ie perv. and one guy said “i can totally imagine ur expression when ure trying to sneak a peek” and he promptly replied with an “im the kind who looks at it forthrightly without any embarrassment.” 

it makes me wonder if all jap guys are pervy like that lol. because i do recall a conversation with some other classmates a long time ago when we were doing surveying outside in the windy weather and i was telling him omg im so glad i didn wear a skirt today. that kinda sparked a conversation between him and another guy who was nearby probably holding a life-sized ruler of some sort (gosh i miss surveying) about whether or not they were the kind who would look at a girl when her skirt gets blown by the wind.

A: え、見るの
B: もちろん、普通に見るんじゃないの?
A: まあね

or something along that line.

i also had an achievement today! tada! *pat pat pat* (carefully because my neck still hurts even with the sorcery pad)

very long-winded post today. but of course i wont deprive u of some very essential food pics!
brunch: cinnamon oatmeal and apple

luner: i made my sister tapau me mapotofu bento and thats a piece of shumai

pizza at the reception after the dentsu thing and choccies

caution! unphotogenic meals

current posting frequency: updating every time i charge my ipod. however current picture-taking frequency is questionable.
instant curry for brunch on sunday. it was raining and super cold outside so i refused to get out in the end i ransacked my fridge and had smuckers peanut butter straight from the jar and another apple for dinner. would’ve preferred skippy though because, well, ud understand if uve tried smuckers before.
dinner yesterday at soup stock, takadanobaba. CURRY AGAIN!! i saw on tv once that apparently when u crave curry ure actually craving for the rice ie simple carbs haha no surprise there! 

brunch today: microwaved muesli

dinner: ugly katsudon from 7e. my sister is such a specialist in conbini bentos now (she has one everyday at school for lunch) that she told me that lawson’s katsudon bento is much better. daymn.

had an apple and a tube of oreos for a sugar high to churn up a slipshod seminar assignment for nakagawa sensei


sorry for for failing to blog again for the past few days. been struggling to meet deadlines with schoolwork and most of my free time is taken up by my internship and just plain RESTING at home. i come back and literally just collapse onto the couch and never get up until about 2 am when i realise ive fallen asleep with removing my makeup and contacts and feeling like shit. then i force myself to get up to wash my face and climb into bed (sometimes i give up and sleep on the couch until morning) but wake up again the next morning feeling restless. its a vicious cycle.
i also haven had time to take pics of all my meals but here are some:
caramel milk tea @ waseda 125 cafe. i really like the drinks they serve here. 
korean dinner with jean, susan and ame: カルビグッパ @ new ecko

lunch one day: chicken with curry sauce bento

snack: familiar pretzels

dinner tonight after work: eggplant and bacon tomato spaghetti and cafe mocha. @ fakkin ie first kitchen.

btw i had frigging steel welding for lab yesterday. we actually had to wear all the crazy gear and stuff (super thick leather gloves, apron, booties, crazy apocalyptic looking helmets, see picture below) and we each had to do arc welding on pieces of steel which we were allowed to bring home. it was so heavy but im so proud of myself that i lugged them home. the two pieces of steel are pieces that we welded together but whacked into two with a hammer again to look at the cross section of the welded surface. IT WAS SERIOUSLY SO EXCITING. right before we had to start scuffing the electrode to light it up my heart was beating so fast it was exactly like i was gonna go on a roller coaster. then scuff scuff tap tap to get the electrode out and im not gonna lie and say i succeeded without any help from the TA but hey it wasnt easy ok. the electrode kept getting stuck onto the metal plate and it required quite a bit of strength to separate it again.  

this was how we looked like. so not sexy hahaha but hey we get to create fireworks.

13500 (nov so far)