ok lets try this again

maybe i shouldn give up so easily. but honestly ive been so busy lately that most of the pictures im uploading from my ipod right now are snapshots of past year papers/lab reports/homework details and shit like that. its not that i haven been having exciting meals lately (im not saying all my meals posted here are exciting, on the contrary they are quite boring and tend to repeat) like aburasoba and those yummy crepes from “from hand to mouth” cafe etc but like i told jas NO TIME. NO MOOD. 別にしなくてもいいんじゃんって考え始めちゃったので。。。まあとりあえずまだ完全に諦めてないわ

ということで、today’s meals

brunch: kara miso ramen ie spicy miso ramen with a very grumpy brunch partner. lols no fun
dinner: this bottle of HOT cafe latte oh gosh im really grateful for family mart’s heating rack for hot drinks because theyre actually HOT upon the first sip. hot drinks from other conbinis are lukewarm which i hate because they don double up literally as a hot water bottle. i also had a tube of chocolate covered pretzels. all this while resting my head from writing those damned never ending lab reports and finding out who killed a bunch of ppl in higashino keigo’s “Murder of 11 Characters” btw im about to finish my first japanese novel HOORAHH this author is really frigging easy to read i recommend it to anyone whos looking to start reading jap novels to improve their japanese. hes been hailed the “japanese stieg larrson” but i cant vouch for that yet. 

supper: persimmon.
time to konk out early tonight. 

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