pain, sorcery, tweet, commendation

so i might have strained/pulled a muscle during trampoline class yesterday and i decided to take a day off interning because the back of my neck was aching like craaaaazy when i woke up and i keep having to grunt in pain every time i squat down and its annoying cos i bet i look normal but im actually experiencing intense pain.
 went to the waseda clinic and who knew that you couldnt get ur prescription from the clinic itself, you actually have to go to the drugstore after that to purchase the list of stuff recommended by the doctor?? im sorry if i sound like a noob at this but back home there is no such hassle we just get the pills from the clinic right after the consultation! so i had to pay 2 separate bills in the end boo. but its ok because waseda will reimburse me woots and the jap healthcare system rocks. almost 75~80% of the medical fees are covered by insurance. and waseda has this system of compensating all medical fees after the 500 yen mark ie it doesn matter if uve paid 2000 or 8000 yen for medical fees (after being covered by insurance) waseda will pay for the remaining 2000-500 = 1500 or 8000-500 = 7500 yen!! no wonder mouchan used to go to the hospital so frequently
anyway i had to fork out 1010 yen for the consulation fee and 710 for the drugs (pictured below) please pardon my excitement because this is my first time actually buying prescripted medicine from a drugstore in japan hehe. theyre mostly painkillers and the one on the right is actually a painkiller salonpas which i have already pasted on my neck and it is WORKING like a charm. i am currently having a “what kind of sorcery is this” moment right now. noob again, sorry.
my classmate posted a tweet today which i found very appalling but kinda funny as well. roughly translated, he tweeted “theres this annoying couple on the train flirting with each other openly and taking up so much space its getting on my nerves. BUT, since her uns are exposed (zhao gong) its ok i guess.”
i replied “omg what kinda logic is that” and hes like “if you look at a bad thing with a different perspective, you can find something good in it lol!” 
and here are some other ppl reacting to his tweet. some of them are calling him HENTAI ie perv. and one guy said “i can totally imagine ur expression when ure trying to sneak a peek” and he promptly replied with an “im the kind who looks at it forthrightly without any embarrassment.” 

it makes me wonder if all jap guys are pervy like that lol. because i do recall a conversation with some other classmates a long time ago when we were doing surveying outside in the windy weather and i was telling him omg im so glad i didn wear a skirt today. that kinda sparked a conversation between him and another guy who was nearby probably holding a life-sized ruler of some sort (gosh i miss surveying) about whether or not they were the kind who would look at a girl when her skirt gets blown by the wind.

A: え、見るの
B: もちろん、普通に見るんじゃないの?
A: まあね

or something along that line.

i also had an achievement today! tada! *pat pat pat* (carefully because my neck still hurts even with the sorcery pad)

very long-winded post today. but of course i wont deprive u of some very essential food pics!
brunch: cinnamon oatmeal and apple

luner: i made my sister tapau me mapotofu bento and thats a piece of shumai

pizza at the reception after the dentsu thing and choccies

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