painkiller for the heart

breakfast: hot milk tea. bero once told me about how she thinks milk tea/teh tarik tastes like drain water and sometimes i feel like i understand what she was getting at. but i still drink it because i rather enjoy it when im not thinking about it tasting like drain water dya know what i mean? 
lunch: simmered fish and radish, sesame dressed spinach, takikomigohan @ jasmine, harajuku.
dinner: double banana oatmeal. man i was soooo excited to start digging into this. the texture was super thick (you can tell by the spoon sticking out of it independently!) 
been taking the painkillers the doctor prescribed for me. actually im kinda apprehensive about taking them because isnt there some kinda disease where you cant feel pain and you start touching hot things and hurting yourself unconsciously because basically u cant feel the pain?? could be leprosy. so by prescribing me painkillers, yes hes easing my suffering but what if im straining my neck by not lying down? ok granted, i was sitting in an office for most part of the day but ur neck needs strength to hold up ur head which is the heaviest part of your body!! aka direct axial loading lawhls. im probably just being paranoid and overreacting but neck/spine injuries are injuries worth getting paranoid over no?? 
therefore i shall be trying to get to bed early tonight. 
right after this mendokuseeeeeeehhh concrete dynamics assignment.


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