hunt for bikeshare theses

breakfast: protein shake and a mixed sandwich from family mart on the way to work. i was feeling so good about myself for being on time but when i reached the office i found out nobody was there yet and i didn know the combination to the lock lol. but luckily khor showed up about 5-10 mins later and now i know the combination.
lunch: 八宝菜弁当。look familiar? i used to have this bento so often back in my second year. the reason thsi picture is so close up is because i was shy to take a picture of it in public

dinner: chapjae @ juno, on the 2nd floor above don quixote. kinda like this place. the food was really good and its kinda hidden away so it wasn rowdy with bad ventilation as in the case of  most korean restaurants and my clothes didn end up smelling like korean bbq after dinner. maybe thats cause we didn order any korean bbq lol. 


toki doki means ‘sometimes’, ie the frequency at which im blogging nowadays.


meatballs stew rice @ waseda 125 cafe. guess what, it was 17 degrees out at noon today. how can anyone not feel euphoric on days like these. btw the meatballs were sooo processed and bad it was such a waste of 500 yen. i miss croatian meatballs T_T
dinner: half priced tomyam ramen at tinun!! 🙂 
study coffee  caramel steamer with yaya. she hates chocolate so she gave me her chocolate muffin from some party last night. it was kinda dry but its funny cos i was craving a muffin/cupcake since last night. 
baader-meinhof is a curious phenomenon.
camwhore session in the middle of studying. i have a lazer eye like pn wee in std 6 from my contacts
amelia’s last night of the year in japan so we went to, guess where, from hands to mouth again!! (the crepe place from tuesday) but this time i was kinda full from a mcds burger two hours ago so i had a caesar salad instead. the couple pieces of toast tasted sooo much like my mums french toast i felt like crying.
i also introduced malaysia at a lecture in kirigaoka junior high school (same school as my english camp this year. i actually got quite excited when i saw some kids i recognized). thought u guys might like to see what a japanese junior high school looks like so heres a pic! theyre really strict on disclosing anyones face online so i was careful to pick one without any visible faces.

fellow “guest teachers”
PS im officially a breaking bad fan now. started and polished off season 1 yesterday. it kinda reminds me of prison break from all the violence/badass-ness. also could be quite depressing but not till its unbearable like that stupid DARE MO SHIRANAI movie )*(#$)(!*@Y$#@)!

is it weird to be wearing mittens at home?

brunch today: crepes at from hand to mouth cafe! i love this place!! crepe dish of the day was mushroom with white sauce and eggplant/meat cooked in miso. YUMMAYY i foresee many many more trips to this place in the remaining 1.5 years of my waseda stint.
dinner: sundubu at the school cafeteria 

this was katsuni (simmered deep fried pork cutlet) lunch set on sunday @ akihabara. was kinda reluctant to upload an outdated picture but didn want it to go to waste haha so 一応ね。

things to do back in kl
1) get a suit
2) get new battery for my laptop


抹茶ゼリー抹茶オレ bottom layer: matcha and kinako jelly, middle layer: matcha latte, top later: cream? topped with a matcha love-letter-egg-roll thing @ Gion Tsujiri, Soramachi, Skytree! 580 yen

lunch by yaya @ yaya’s! i love this Taiwanese dish its called something 瓜肉 which is basically steamed minced meat with her Taiwanese seasoning. for a yaya twist she actually put a little beer in it so there was a bit of kick in the aftertaste. she served it to me in a huge bowl and i was sooo stuffed after that. ご馳走様~

this was @ new yorker’s cafe near baba. gapao style rice dish with a tofu meat loaf, tofu “minced meat”, various types of beans and okra. good on the taste buds and good on the waistline too 🙂

i had this lunch with a certain Mr Tan who was visiting Tokyo last week! its the new dish from yotsunoya called the 鳥つくねどん. i have nothing good to say about it. it just plain sucked. shouldve gone with the usual fail-safe gyudon.

doesn yaya look pretty in this picture? 🙂 this was lunch on tuesday when i was late for an hour because i totally overslept (and also because ive become super undisciplined after quitting my part-time job daymn) @ norari kurari near school. i had taco rice.