hunt for bikeshare theses

breakfast: protein shake and a mixed sandwich from family mart on the way to work. i was feeling so good about myself for being on time but when i reached the office i found out nobody was there yet and i didn know the combination to the lock lol. but luckily khor showed up about 5-10 mins later and now i know the combination.
lunch: 八宝菜弁当。look familiar? i used to have this bento so often back in my second year. the reason thsi picture is so close up is because i was shy to take a picture of it in public

dinner: chapjae @ juno, on the 2nd floor above don quixote. kinda like this place. the food was really good and its kinda hidden away so it wasn rowdy with bad ventilation as in the case of  most korean restaurants and my clothes didn end up smelling like korean bbq after dinner. maybe thats cause we didn order any korean bbq lol. 


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