Featured Post: Lumine Catchphrases

*Here is the “exciting” post that I promised you a few days ago! Oh look at me actually delivering my promises.

First of all, let me introduce ルミネ (Lumine), a rather ubiquitous shopping mall in Tokyo that mostly caters to young girls and are usually attached to the big train stations around the city. It’s run under the umbrella of JR (Japan Railway) East.

Now Lumine is the place you’d wanna be if you were looking for the most generic “kawaii” Japanese clothing with most shops selling the same stuff (or slightly different stuff with exactly the same color palette) at prices ranging from 1500~6000 yen per piece though it varies according to shops/brands and sale/no sale. Some Lumine malls carry bigger brands eg Marc Jacobs and Samantha Thavasa etc like the one at Shinjuku station in between the South and East exit. According to their website, they have about 15 outlets spread out within Tokyo and Saitama. That’s actually a much smaller number than I expected.

So anyway, I have no intention of making this post a Lumine advertorial (honestly, I prefer O1O1 but that’s another post for another day) but I recently came across this article on Naver about the various ad campaign banners produced by Lumine and it looks like there isn’t any translated version of them on the Internet. That’s why I thought I’d take a stab at making one.

To share my thoughts, I think they are truly beautiful and artistic in a very contemporary and relatable way. I’m very sure most girls will feel empathetic to the messages conveyed by the catchphrases and although some of them might seem lighthearted and funny, at the same time they invoke in me a kind of sadness felt from the truth of humanity they represent. They’re also just plain pretty to look at 🙂

Alright let’s get to it:

There are times when I feel like exchanging my body for another.

It is during the end of a relationship or the beginning of a relationship that a girl is at her most beautiful.

Be it happiness or sadness, it is easier to communicate your emotions through your outfit than your facial expressions.

There is a need to know which attribute you hate to be able to love every attribute about him.

Only a girl who earnestly wants will be wanted.

Winter is the season when a girl longs for another person’s body warmth; that’s the only reason she wears a coat.

When you’re wearing your favourite outfit, there’s no need to consciously remember to smile.

Before I’m able to love myself more, first, I want to be loved by everyone else.

When you feel like crying, quickly change into a different outfit.

If you try diligently to look your most beautiful, the most important element – your inner beauty, will become visible to others. 

I wonder how much tears I will have to shed just to be able to fall in love once.

Come on out from your cocoon, spring awaits.

To like is without reciprocation, to match is mutual love.

失礼しちゃうわ 嬉しいわ
“You look like a different person today!” 
-“Oh, how rude! … but thanks for saying that :)”

Let’s get warm by getting entangled and disentangled from each other.

But sometimes there are days when I just don’t feel cute no matter what I wear.

Maybe if I try my best to gussy up the world would be a brighter place.

It’s not just springtime, it’s springtime which overcame winter.

There’s no boundary to this desire to stand out today.

I used to hate the rain but that’s because I’ve never really fallen in love with anyone back then.

Sometimes going astray may surprisingly bring you forward.

I say “I’m off, see you later!” because I want to hear you say “Welcome home.”
(This is a tricky one, because there’s no equivalent translation for おかえり and いってきます, which are phrases unique to the Japanese culture.)

But whenever a new relationship starts, I feel like I have no need of anything else.

Wanting to look more beautiful is proof that you’re not alone in this world.

いったり きたり
I go to and fro from wanting to be with you and wanting to be alone.

If you think about him in the fitting room, it means this relationship’s definitely getting serious.

I wonder what I’m wearing in your thoughts and memories of me.

The eviler the woman, the more she better she looks in demure clothes.

In my dreams, I’m always more daring than my usual self.


Oh wow I think I spent more than 2 hours writing up this post. Its almost 4 am now. I’m not a professional translator but I tried my best! I hope you enjoy reading these as much as I have enjoyed translating them!

PS: Halfway through I realized that these ads are actually rather hipster and likely to be made fun of in 9Gag or something haha. Stupid 9Gag.

PPS: Original article here:

Pop goes my egg

Breakfast: brown rice and egg. I had an exploding egg situation this morning because I didn poke the yolk properly to create a hole for releasing air during microwaving. Shocked the hell outta me. Luckily it wasn’t that messy and I didn have to spend too much time cleaning as I was doing some crazy last minute cramming for transportation studies. Speaking of which, I think I managed to make Asano-sensei very proud today:) *pats back

Dinner: satsuma age and salad!! My first time trying satsuma age. It’s actually just deep fried fish cake with bits of vege inside. Yummy.

Yaya’s 21st at EAT, Shibuya Hikarie

Kinda sleepy tonight so im gonna blog in bullet points:

– This place was recommended by J from the office so we decided to try it out.

– I ordered the strawberry millshake (left) but yaya’s banana milkshake came with some mocha jelly and because she’s got an aversion to anything choco we traded. I used to think my fav thing in the world was banana milk but for some reason I felt like strawberry today and I actually made the right choice because the strawberry was sooooo much better than the banana but hey, she’s the birthday girl. Somehow the mocha jelly didn’t really go with the banana and overall it just wasn’t sweet enough. The texture was also too thick for my liking, I had to put in so much effort just to get my first sip!!

– the EAT burger was awesome though. I loved their dressing. Yaya and I each had half because we weren’t feeling very hungry…

– …because I had rye toast with egg for breakfast.

– I also made a card for her using the SUPER cute Nintendo brochures I got. Wow been a long time since I dabbled with arts and craft-y things. Realized I still love doing thing like that.

– PS this cafe is not affiliated with the EAT cafes in London. Jas I still remember our cold Thames festival night and their soothing chicken noodle soup and chicken pie!!! *heart

– wow I just overheard my noisy neighbor sing “happy birthday to me!” when the clock struck 12. Fun fact: she shares Elijah wood’s birthday. #ex-frodo-fangirl

– pls excuse the oversized pictures when I blog from my mobile app. I can’t scale them here 😦

– 2 stressful weeks ahead! But after that my family will be coming to visit my sister and I so I can’t wait!

In the meantime this is still a food diary

It’s really scary how much I can sleep in winter!! I think I conked out for 10 hours despite waking up at 12 pm yesterday afternoon-.- didn’t realize how much the introduction session at N wore me out.

Speaking of yesterday’s intro session, it was so large scaled that that in itself was a turnoff for me. There were probably about 500 students, and in total they conduct about, I believe, 20 or so sessions and they’re ALWAYS fully booked. I was put in the waiting list again and again for about 6 times because I kept losing out to people by a few seconds (literally the empty spot was taken up 15 seconds after the notification email came all 5 times).

But I really enjoyed the CEO’s speech and I learnt that one of their rules were to keep the PG-13, wholesome image of the company and they werent allowed to venture into shady creative territories like violence and sexual stuff. The staff explained that to us as the company’s weakness – limiting the creators’ thinking and whatnot – but some of us, including me felt that it was, on the contrary, the good point or 強み of that company. IMHO, nobody needs another violent random-civilian-shooting game out there.

The whole thing took about 3.5 hours with 30 to 40 minutes spent shuffling us around different seminar halls because there were just two vast a number of students who were attending. Quite a good experience. I know my chance might be a slim 1/1000000 for getting a job here but I’m gonna send in an entry sheet when The time comes anyway. In Japanese we call this 一応 pronounced ichi-ou meaning just in case.

By the way, if you’re wondering if this was the interesting post I was talking about in my previous post, it’s not! Haha and realistically speaking I probably won’t be able to get that done until later in the week because I have a paper due tmr and finals on tues and wed. Promise it’ll be up soon though 🙂

In the meantime I guess this still functions as a food diary so here we have my meals from yesterday:

Breakfast: salad, instant pumpkin soup and salty crackers for salty lim

Dinner: katsu don from 7e, custard cream bun. I loved the katsu don but the custard bun was just so-so. Tasted like a 105 yen bun which is what it was.

巣鴨 (lit. Nest Duck)

So I found out that I won’t be able to arrange pictures in my posts using the mobile blogger app. I guess from now on (unless I feel like blogging from my pc) my posts will be text then followed by photos, if there are any.

Went to Sugamo today!! my first time in that area. Before this I’ve used that station only to switch trains to get somewhere else. My pre assumptions about that place were limited to it being the harajuku of old people, ie a hot hang out and shopping spot for all the obaachans and ojiichans out there. By the way when I typed harajuku my iPhone wanted to autocorrect it to harakiri lol that’s hilarious!! You’d expect harajuku to be more widely known than harakiri…

(You guys know what harakiri is right?)

Anyway my purpose of going there was threefold: to eat cheap sushi, to see my sister and to visit her school because I haven seen the place yet even though its been about 3 months.

The sushi at はま寿司was a letdown. Sure, ¥94 yen/plate was a steal, but the quality and variety were waaaay below par. I actually enjoyed the side dishes and desserts more; these were tastier and naturally pricier at the same time. I think this is probably how they make money. Tricking people into coming in for sushi then seducing them with yummy looking cakes and French fries. Yeap, they served French fries. Unfortunately they were the kind that taste awesome when you’re eating them but leave you sick after finishing the bowl because they were just so greasy.

I had the American Choco cake. The texture was more like a Brownie and thats great because that’s the way I like my chocolate baked goods. Dont give me any ふわふわ shit.

Total food: 5 plates of sushi, a salad, some fries and edamame and brownie cake.

Then I went to visit the 商店街 ie shopping street and I finally understood why they would call it obaachans harajuku!! The shops were either selling Japanese traditional sweets, Japanese traditional savory crackers or old lady clothes with a few drug stores and convenience stores along the way. It was a rather long 商店街 with about 4 arches with sign boards. maybe there were more but my sister and I couldn’t go any further because our hands were nearly frozen by the 4th arch so we turned back.

To conclude, even though it has lived up to its reputation as ‘the older generation’s harajuku’, I don’t think I’ll be making a second visit to Sugamo any time soon. Except, of course, to change trains.

I have an interesting topic in mind for my next post. its gonna be something different from these boring (hehe) summaries of my daily activities so keep checking y’all’s!