Old Julie

Dinner: Tom Yam ramen @ Tinun, Takadanobaba. Today is half-priced day! On the 16th of every month, you can order off the classic menu consisting the gapao (jasmine rice with stir fried minced meat and a perfectly fried egg), green curry, noodle soup and tom yam ramen for only 390 yen instead of the regular 780 yen! 🙂 As expected, there was a queue so we kinda had to rush through the meal. I’m not really fond of tom yam (too sour!) but this Japanisified sweetish tom yam just gets me. I also LOVE the coriander that’s rarely found in Japanese food because apparently Japanese people can’t take its pungent aromatic smell. 日本ってパクチーが苦手な人多くない?

After Tinun we adjourned to Cafe Veloce just a few doors away! 🙂
Clockwise from top: Ame’s royal milk tea, Yaya’s matcha latte and my cocoa latte! Sweet. And cheap.

What a cold and windy day today. A frigging 9m/s!! It literally HURT to even walk outside. I was running in heels against the direction of the wind at Omotesando and I felt like I was doing a goofy slow motion walk with my fringe all messed up. Only it wasn’t the least funny because I was late for the N test fml.

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