Latte latte

Breakfast: Cheesy egg in toast a la this by HJ as requested by me. Photobombing is her regular cheese toast.

Drinks: Caramel latte @ Beck’s and Matcha Latte @ Starbucks. They gave me a free sample of their new limited edition latte cake.

Dinner: HJ’s briyani fried rice, mackerel and green pepper simmered in miso.



Brunch: PBJ&B toast and cheddar cheese toast! ヒョンジお母さんが作ってくれたブランチ。

Dinner: I-Kitchen Set @ I-Kitchen, the Indian restaurant nearby. I think this place could actually be on par with Raj, Tanashi (and the naan here is definitely bigger – look at the size of it – and tastier) but my clothes and hair ALWAYS end up smelling like curry. The same can be said about other curry restaurants but this one is extra bad because of the lack of ventilation. Most definitely I think I’m gonna takeout next time -_-.

Hanami 2013

Breakfast: Peanut butter and banana toast! The huge tub of peanut butter is organic Fairway peanut butter from Jeff because he felt sad for me that I’ve never tried “real peanut butter” from the US lol. It’s so rich and I love the consistency – not chunky but not completely smooth either.

Lunch: It’s sakura season in Tokyo! Picnic at Shinjuku Gyoen Park. HJ and I bought some bread and salad from Hokuo Bakery and Ame made sandwiches and tiny furikake rice balls!

Dinner: Cabbage fried rice with Thai fried rice seasoning from home.


You shoot me, I shoot you.

Featured Post: Dog Doppelgangers

Doppelganger #1: Pomeranian @ Shinsoji x Deedee

SPOTTED: Some obachan carrying a somewhat subdued Deedee in her arms at Shinsoji, Narita where I was visiting with my family back in February.
After contemplating for about 10 minutes I finally mustered up enough courage to ask the old couple’s permission to take a picture with little Deedee-lookalike! She was sooo calm and didn’t struggle at all when he passed her to me. 
IT’S DEEDEE!!!!! Why so sad, though? 😦 
My hair looks damn UGLY but this picture is not about me!
She’s so pretty! Working her windblown furrrr right thurrrr
And below is my beloved, beloved Deedee. She was with us for almost 10 years. During this time, another dog related miracle happened when she came back one stormy morning after being kidnapped for more than a year. She was stolen again when we were on our family trip to Hong Kong back in 2008 (I think) and when we found out my sisters and I started crying in public, it was so devastating. How can anyone be so heartless to take a dog away from its family??

I highly doubt Deedee’s still alive, but if she is, I hope she’s living with a good family and maybe one stormy morning she’ll come running back to me out of nowhere again. I sincerely hope that happens once I get settled down in my new apartment in Osaka or something.
Doppelganger #2 Schnauzer on the Street x Sasa

Saw them on the way to work one morning and took a couple of sneaky pictures! This set a happy tone for the rest of my day.

This is a picture of Sasa taken by my photographer-sister. Shes yawning / laughing! *heart
Doppelganger #3 Hormon x Ah Hot

Everybody, meet Hormon, my homestay family’s pet dog with a little pink nose like Rudolph 花粉症にかかっている人 (a person suffering from hay fever that’s super common among people living in Japan especially during the spring season which is now). 
He looks exactly like Ah Hot, my family dog back home in Kuala Lumpur whom I just met for the first time over the Christmas Holidays.
It’s quite cool that he looked straight into the camera but check out that judgmental expression. Makes me all self conscious lol. Sorry for the bad quality, I was still using my old broken iPod.

I’m an animal person. My family’s an “animal family”. My whole life I’ve had all kinds of pets in my house. We had cats, fish, birds, rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, chincilla at one time or another but one thing’s consistent, we’ve always had a dog. 
I remember my first dog Kopi (a black pomeranian with a brown underside). Then there was Walka who kinda looked like an offwhite small shepherd dog, and after Walka no.1 died a random Walka no.2 wandered to our new house when we moved to Selayang and stuck around for a few years. Looking back, it actually sounds like a miracle that an exact same dog came to our family when the first one died, but I assure you it really did happen.
Then DeeDee (brown pomeranian, my favorite dog ever if you were to force me to rank them) came into our lives and after a while Dexter (Jack Russell Terrier) and together they conceived DaisyFatty, and Chocolate. Chocolate was my second sister’s, Fatty was Teng’s and Daisy was mine. Gosh I loved them all. I had many pictures of them in my previous computer hard drive but it crashed and they were gone forever. I think there are some hard copies back at home though because film cameras were still the norm.
Fast forward a few years and it was the Sasa (Miniature Schnauzer) and JackJack (another Jack Russell Terrier) generation. Sasa would be second because the Miniature Schnauzer was my dream dog before my brother even brought her home one day. 
  1. DeeDee
  2. Sasa
  3. Everyone else
There was one dog whom I’ve never met before because I was here in Japan when my family bought him. Apparently he was too naughty so they gave him away before I got a chance to see him in real life :(. I was in and out of Myla‘s (mixed breed) and Money‘s (golden retriever) lives because I was over here in university enjoying life studying hard 😦 Currently we have a single dog, Ah Hot (mixed breed) in the Lim family.
Anyhoo, dogs in Japan are also super cute but I can never afford one (financially and spatially). But when I see them on the street I always feel like they’re too pampered for some reason (first world dogs maybe? haha). I always feel too shy to take pictures of them , though. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure the owners are usually very friendly! I can tell from experience.
Exhibit 1 (this happened when I was walking past 2 aunties walking their dogs a few weeks ago)
Dog Walker 1 & Dog Walker 2 cross path. Dog 1 sniffs Dog 2’s butt. After he was finished sniffing,
Dog Walker 1: Doooooommoooo Arigatougozaimasu!!! (Thank you very much!!) 

Sorry, I have no exhibit 2. Lol.



After reaching home at 5:45 am, I managed to catch 2 hours of sleep and it was off to work!

Breakfast at work: 牛乳あんぱん from Shimoda courtesy of Orie-san.

Lunch: Pancake set @ Yao, Sendagaya. Fluffy pancakes and tasty sausages!

Dinner: My “wife” made her own version of chicken rice haha.

Dessert: Remember these Oshinko mochi? Still good after 2 days (microwaved)!


Sado Island Homestay Day 3

Breakfast: Rice, Japanese omelette, bacon, miso soup. Daymn Niigata rice is good.

Lunch: No time so we had onigiri and fried chicken from the local conbini ‘Save On’ in the car.

Snack: Oshinko, Sado’s specialty mochi. Mochi made in four easy steps:

1) make the base by mixing glutinous flour and water

2) place some red bean paste and wrap it up

3) create your own design by arranging dough made from three colors – pink, green, and yellow – and shape it using moulds

4) steam.

And tada! You get Oshinko mochi. Yummy yums but I think we got some towel fibre in it haha.

Dinner: Sukiyaki at home! Also it’s Dai-chan’s last day as a 10-year-old! He’s also born in the year of the horse daymnnn he’s younger than me by a whole chinese zodiac cycle.

Hey and guess what, today’s my third year anniversary of the day I came to Japan! #ilovelife