You like that sound? You love that sound?

Brunch: Rose Bakery’s carrot cake and some side salads. Hands down best restaurant in Tokyo for interesting salads. Carrot cake was delish too.

Bored: Matcha brownie frappucino. The tiramisu one is waaaay better.

Dinner: Salmon salad and other crappy food namely red bean donut and plain bagel which was supposed to be breakfast tmr haha…

Do me a favour and play this please:

Thrash the unicorns

Breakfast: Tully’s soft pretzel. Tasted like potato bun.

Snacks at Waseda vs Keio American football match: mochi, kitkat, Pocky, etc etc. The Big Bears won 38-7, baby!! (Although I have to admit the Keio touchdown was quite outstanding)

Dinner: Gyoza kuey tiow soup at Rice People, Nice People, Hikarie!

Dessert no.1: Fried matcha macaron

Dessert no. 2: Pudding cake



ゴールデンウィーク神奈川県シリーズその1: 丹沢大山

I also had a 7 course Italian dinner at Ginza which I may or may not expand on in a following post cos it made me more uncomfortable – physically and mentally – than I cared to realize.