You like that sound? You love that sound?

Brunch: Rose Bakery’s carrot cake and some side salads. Hands down best restaurant in Tokyo for interesting salads. Carrot cake was delish too.

Bored: Matcha brownie frappucino. The tiramisu one is waaaay better.

Dinner: Salmon salad and other crappy food namely red bean donut and plain bagel which was supposed to be breakfast tmr haha…

Do me a favour and play this please:

Thrash the unicorns

Breakfast: Tully’s soft pretzel. Tasted like potato bun.

Snacks at Waseda vs Keio American football match: mochi, kitkat, Pocky, etc etc. The Big Bears won 38-7, baby!! (Although I have to admit the Keio touchdown was quite outstanding)

Dinner: Gyoza kuey tiow soup at Rice People, Nice People, Hikarie!

Dessert no.1: Fried matcha macaron

Dessert no. 2: Pudding cake


ゴールデンウィーク神奈川県シリーズその1: 丹沢大山

I also had a 7 course Italian dinner at Ginza which I may or may not expand on in a following post cos it made me more uncomfortable – physically and mentally – than I cared to realize.




Breakfast: Green Tea Protein

Brunch: お疲れcroissant. Although I probably don’t deserve it because I only clocked in 13 hours this week heheh.

Lunch: Avocado wrapped with cured ham, rice, banana.

Snack: お疲れジャがリコ。Same as above.

Dinner: Cheese fried rice with bokchoy and green peppers. I also had grapes and cocoa.



Breakfast: Green Tea Protein

Lunch: Andre’s N-word Party @ Bittersweet Sweets Buffet!!! Haven’t gone here since Chermaine visited 2 years ago! Still yummy and I’m so proud of myself for not overeating to the point of bursting. I think it makes a difference when you’re not paying for the meal yourself. Because when you do you feel obliged to eat your money’s worth no matter what it does to your waistline and complexion haha.

I also love my plate of cakes, I didn’t realize desserts I like are generally within the brown, green and white color scheme.

Dinner: Fruits. I also had a banana and chocolate milk. お腹落ちづかせないと。

Kennedy Steak House

Breakfast: Green tea protein

Lunch: Avocado, ham, and tofu salad, rice, and banana!

Snack: 一本満足メープル味

Dinner: Garlic butter hamburg set @ Kennedy Steak House. Why eat a hamburg set at a steak house, you ask? I’m just not a big fan of steak. I think minced meat is way tastier. Same reason why I’d prefer menchi katsu (essentially deep fried hamburg) over tonkatsu (deep fried pork cutlet) any day.