Yesterday’s breakfast & Today’s lunch and dinner

Because these are all the pictures I have.

Yesterday’s breakfast: corn and cheese mochi

Lunch today: ミキランチ@キッチンミキ Miki’s lunch at Miki’s Kitchen. What a small, funny little lunch place. There were about 15 seats (2 tables with 4 per table and several counter seats) inside a little 10 m2 space and the one single waiter had to literally shuffle around carefully bringing us our lunches. And each time not morethan 5 steps lol.

The limited number of seats and lunch hour meant that Ame and I had to share our table with strangers and when they seated us they requested for us to sit next to each other, SIDE BY SIDE. Apparently that’s what happens in Japan. So the other duo who shared our tiny table were sitting opposite us and as you can imagine it was pretty much impossible to have a private conversation, much less a normal conversation without feeling uneasy and worried about whether or not you’re talking too loudly and disturbing their conversation. Not to mention it would also be super hard to concentrate on my own conversation. It’s almost like we were in a comic strip and there wasnt enough space to draw our speech bubbles.

しょうがなくてso we ended up talking as a group and the whole lunch conversation consisted of the typical where are you from what languages can you speak getting to know you bla bla bla… But I thought it was a pretty neat way to encourage strangers to meet, almost like that community dining concept featured in portlandia. This kinda thing is SOO rare in Japan because strangers generally don’t talk to each other (unless they’re pissed drunk but that’s ‘nomunication’ and doesn’t count).

Dinner: Shio yakisoba (tofu, spinach, leftover corn)


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