Question of portion

Lunch: Shrimp pasta with basil sauce big enough for 2. I ate about 1.5 and had stomachache for the rest of the day.

Dinner: Naan and soup curry set at Himalaya Curry House, Sangubashi for Aras’ farewell. Big enough for 1.5 people. This time I had 1.0 and stomachache for the rest of the night.




We’re All Alright as Seniors

Lunch: ヘルシーチキンハンバーグHealthy Chicken Hamburg Set Meal @ Natural Style 清, Takadanobaba. The hamburg had bits of cartilage in them, yummy! And pieces of bacon in the salad! I kinda like the food and the ambience of this place but the service was poor; our food took so long to come!

Dinner: Sushiro! I think I have a new favorite sushi – Crab Tempura!

Cheesecake for Dessert.