Surprise! Nikko Trip

Breakfast: Nasty onigiri and nasty cafe au lait from Family Mart

Lunch: Typical tourist bento in Japan next to Toshogu, Nikko.

Dinner: Aburasoba. Yummehhhh


The View from 15-07A

Breakfast: Caramel macchiato

Lunch: 幸せのうさぎ. I secretly ate one of these zushi souvenirs intended for my labmates haha. Btw the third picture shows the view from my seat at Asa no lab!

Dinner: Avocado and minced tuna rice bowl @ New Yorker’s Cafe, Takadanobaba while reading my カッコウの卵は誰のもの。

Malaysian Election Day tweets are making me nervous. Pray pray!


ゴールデンウィーク神奈川県シリーズその4: Fruhlings Festival at Yokohama

Breakfast: At the hotel (Daiwa Roynet) . My favorite thing in the picture was the hot milk.

Lunch: Beer and flammkuchen (German sour cream pizza) at the German spring festival, Akarenga aka a historical brick warehouse. Crowwwwwwd.

Dinner: Takeout Chickpea curry naan from I-kitchen.


ゴールデンウィーク神奈川県シリーズその2: 藤子 F. 不二雄 ミュージアム

Breakfast: Auntie Anne’s cinnamon pretzel sticks

Pre-Lunch: Dorayaki at Doraemon museum!

Lunch: Shio-ramen @ Noborito station

Snack: Mochimochi chocolate bread from 7-11

Dinner: Avocado and ham lettuce wrap. I think korean lettuce (sanchu) is my new favorite vegetable!