Before sunrise

Breakfast: Ham and eggs. Very manly hohoho.

Lunch: Cereal!

Dinner: Tofu meat loaf rice bowl at New Yorkers Cafe.

Finally watched Before Sunrise today. Despite being 90% conversation, it was deeply engaging and moving and just fun seeing two intellectually and emotionally compatible people interact and slowly fall in love with one another. This movie made me realize that although you may be worlds apart in terms of culture and background, if you have the ability to exactly communicate your thoughts to another person you can still easily find that emotional attachment with him/her. Which leads me to think that I can never find true love (at least not an interesting, intellectually stimulating one like Ethan and Julie’s) in Japan. BADUMTSS.


Jiyugaoka & Odaiba

Lunch with the ladies at LOBROS, Jiyugaoka last week! I had the french toast and seafood gratin set. I wish the French toast was sweeter. The food was nothing to shout about but for some reason there was a queue on Monday afternoon. Either I ordered the wrong thing or this is just proof that Japanese just like the “idea” of good food which often isn’t even tasty to begin with.

“What? Everyone’s lining up so it must be good, yeah!?”
*takes a bite of the bland tasting food*
“Gosh OISHII! Let’s come here again!”

Odaiba the next day for a CivEng Seniors BBQ! Odaiba is an interesting place. In the span of 20 minutes walking around the touristy area we were approached by some FujiTV rep and a bunch of Thai tourists wanting to take pictures with us.


Yamabiko 55 & Tohoku 2.0

Hi guys! Sorry for not updating for such a long time. I went for a trip up to Northeastern Japan, specifically Iwate and Sendai last weekend with my scholarship foundation and although shrines and temples aren’t really my thing (and the whole trip consisted of 3 separate excursions to 3 different shrines over 1 weekend) it was a nice well-timed break from the city. I also got to catch up with old friends and my host family from the Sendai homestay last summer! It’s weird to know that A is a sophomore now!

Oh and guess what I got to ride on the new E5 Shinkansen called the Yamabiko! I think with this trip I’ve finally capped more than 10 trips on the Shinkansen in total!

We also drove past the base for Tohoku Shinkansen trains somewhere in Iwate I think? I really don’t understand how people enjoy bus tours. They make me all groggy and disoriented from all the sleeping and waking up. 

This was our colorful eki-ben ie bento aboard the train.

We stayed at a ski resort so we were surrounded by impressive looking hills and just looking at them makes you feel like doing some sort of extreme sport haha. They also warned us not to go wandering outside at night because of bears.

Fighting for the window seat was worth it.