Hornet’s nest

Breakfast: yogurt and half a grapefruit

Lunch: roast chicken and pasta at Echika, Ikebukuro!

Dinner: tomato salad – looks deceptively like a caprese salad but thats tofu right there – and fried chicken.

Happy Merdeka!

I had naan today

Naan dinner set at Local India, Ebisu with Ame. It was my first time interacting with someone who isn’t a sales assistant / barista / gym staff in the past 4 days hahaha…(!)

The Chinese Maze Murders

Pictured is my catered bento lunch which I had for an early dinner while ‘volunteering’ at CE DEC @ Yokohama. Today’s my second (and last, thankfully) day at the most boring job consisting only of survey distribution, survey collection and the longest hours of standing around doing nothing with a soft spoken B-N girl, another nice but rather stuffy B-N boy, and a cute but struck me as rather egoistic boy from K.

Oh and also lotsa gamers and I mean GAMERS, who will also be my clients starting next April.

What have I gotten myself into?

French women don’t get fat

Brunch: Salmon and cottage cheese bagel @ Cafe 125 (is that the official name? Anyway, I mean the Waseda Cafe in front of Okuma Auditorium selling all the official merchandises. Actually I think it’s called Waseda 125 Cafe.) The picture is blurry because I used the silent camera.

Snack: (Dry) Apricot cake also @ Waseda 125 Cafe

Dinner with Ame: Sukiya Oroshi (grated radish) set meal. Sukiya’s beef bowl def tastes sweeter than the other big chains.