Lunch: An extremely yummy sandwich with the crusts intact and peach mochi chocolate croissant at St. Marc’s, Ginza.

Dinner: Ojisan meal (alcohol and yakitori) and a yucky pudding Mont Blanc.

What is up with the Chuo line/Sobu line?! I hope it’s not just me who find it super confusing. It’s soooo easy to get lost if you are even just the least bit distracted… ok fine I was wayyy distracted because I was fully absorbed in my book. Consequently I was half an hour late for my cafe lesson with H-san who ‘had a plan at 5pm to him’ so we had to ‘stop to the lessons of today’. Bummer… NOT! I just jumped into the next cafe to continue the intense investigation of Zalachenko with Kalle Blomkvist and Pippi!

Not a bad day, I’d say! でも9月なのに超暑い日が続いていますね!