Ilovelife @ Hiroshima Day 1

Breakfast: Bottled milk tea

Brunch: tuna kimchi onigiri (first time seeing it in the conbini and it’s tasty!)

Lunch aboard JAL: Tullys Pumpkin flower bread (too sweet! And crumbly)

Dinner no.1: Hiroshima-style tsukemen at Bakudanya, Hatchobori. We ordered the small and turns out it was only half a serving size of noodles so we proceeded to…

Dinner no.2: Tonbeiyaki and Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki at Chicchinkurin!!! Best okonomiyaki I’ve ever had. There’s a higher ratio if cabbage to batter and it’s topped with raw crispy noodles. Also the beef bits inside were deeeeelish ! Although, I think they could cut back on the raw onion toppings.. I kept giving Toy all the onions and she got so sick of it in the end we had a pool of onions left on our plate.

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