ilovelife @ Last Day at Hiroshima

Breakfast: Bulgarian yogurt, 7-11 ham&egg pastry

Coffee break: Cafe Latte @ Tully’s cos we got a half priced coupon from Mazda Zoom Zoom.

Lunch: Fried oyster set lunch! Crazy colorful ain’t it?

Dinner: Nasi lemak @ 大地の木again. My phone died so no pictures. SUPER FULL AFTER THAT walao but girls apparently have a separate stomach for desserts ya know? its not an urban legend ya know? 
Dessert: Autumn sweet potato parfait and matcha icecream with fried bread @ Ootoya. I LOVE that parfait. I ordered the matcha tea because I’m refined like that.

ilovelife @ Miyajima

Breakfast: Unphotographed yogurt

Brunch: Momiji manju aka japanese kuih baulu with red bean paste filling which is a famous snack and also a symbol of Hiroshima. I would go on to have 4 of these throughout the day.

Brunch no.2: Anago-man aka conger eel pau. Another local delicacy so I tried it but big mistake! Imagine a fishy pau… Yeahhhh yucks.

Coffee break: Cappucino with Eva Longoria

Lunch: Anagomeshi atop Mt. Misen. Fishy buns may be an abomination but sweet barbecued anago on rice is awesome.

Dinner: Curry noodles and kimchi.


ilovelife @ Hiroshima Day 2

Breakfast: yogurt for smoother peristalsis.

Breakfast no. 2: Homemade focaccia morning set @ Cafe Ponte by the river. I have this irresistible thing for al fresco cafes on wooden decks near a water source. Don’t they just have a quaint, chill-holiday feel to them?

Lunch: Okonomiyaki again! This time at Shinchan @ Okonomimura (okonomiyaki village). The old man was very grumpy. I still think last night’s okonomiyaki was better though solely because of the raw crispy noodles. Today’s one was just regular soba. And no onion topping!

Snack: duckling donut @ floresta!! I got to eat the head.

Dinner: Our trip coincided with the Hiroshima food festival near the castle so we decided to check it out but by the time we went there half the stalls were already closed. We had some corn on the cob and long stringy fries with cheese!