CivEng Baseball (2013.10.24)

Breakfast: Doutor Cafe Latte, but the canned one from the vending machine. Why do they have to put so much sugar in that stuff???

Lunch: 生姜焼き定食 at a Chinese restaurant in between baseball. I left after lunch because I couldn’t stand the cold and also the standing around doing pretty much nothing.

The picture below is taken from quite a distance butcan you see the train running past in the background?? Ah, field sports by the river in Tokyo 🙂

Dinner: Malaysian food at 大地の木。there was another bunch of Malaysians celebrating a girls birthday so the restaurants chef came out with complimentary teh Tarik after the meal. He also Tarik-ed it a few times!! Fun.



Breakfast: Horlicks Fibre Up! 3-in-1 Cereal. Hehe

Pick me up: Milo (also the cereal version)

Lunch: Sundobu and rice @ the school cafeteria.

Dinner: Conbini dinner – Grilled Chicken and Oden.

Today was SUCH A SLEEPY DAY. And guess what, I’m blogging from a brand new laptop! BUT I hate buying electronics because addons/features/extra storage/insurance/warranty and all that crap for some reason really stress me out. I remember I took SOO long just to get that iPhone because I just couldn’t bear going through that process. In the end I dragged Ue-chan with me and he sorta settled everything for me while I was just whining away about how I am such a noob with electronics. The thing is, I really don’t care what machine I use as long as I can stream my dramas/movies and do (the occasional) assignments.

So I just walked into Yodobashi Camera and told the girl behind the counter すみませんエア買いたいです。And she was so taken aback she just exclaimed excitedly はい! I was in and out of there in about 20 minutes! Now that’s what you call an efficient transaction and now I have this SPANKING NEW SILVER THIN THING on my lap, not to mention UNPLUGGED (something I haven’t been able to do with my previous laptop for the past year or so) and it feels GRRREAT!!

Back to my skin cells infested Tokyo futon

Breakfast: Amway breakfast shake

Lunch: Sambal meehoon and white coffee hazelnut freezy at Old Town White Coffee, LCCT. Spicy stomach consequently.

Dinner: Pak Nasser’s Nasi Lemak. Can you believe that was my first and last nasi lemak from this short but sweet trip home?? And it even sadly lookslike a prisoner’s meal in the photograph haha. Yummy nonetheless.