Breakfast: Marron Taiyaki. This taiyaki is round unlike the usual taiyaki where you get an excess of dough with no filling at the tail!! It’s also a happy looking fish with the tail flipping upwards so it’s much more fun to eat. The other normal looking taiyakis look dead to me now.

Lunch: Sweet potato and apple tart + pumpkin pie at Cafe Goto where Mahorochan works! (Jas we wanted to try this place but for some reason we didn’t?!) anyway this is the place famous for its cheesecake and tarte tartine (sp?) but we decided to go with the seasonal specials. Soooo yummy! Tarts > cakes after trying the tarts here.

Dinner: Stir fried pork and vege dinner set at Yayoi-ken with Ayachan after bouldering!


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