Solo pizza from Osu! (5/2) This is some delicious authentic margherita pizza!! And only ¥550! I could go back there again on my next day off. 
Breakfast at the hotel. I get to eat food like this every morning for free at myhotel Okazaki. It’s been 12 days and I still ain’t sick of it. Yet. 

Dinner at nana’s green tea cafe(4/27) after working for FIVE days straight at the arcade.The matcha gateau chocolate cake was great with my pot of houji tea. If I’m not mistaken, I think they’re opening a franchise in kl soon. 

Half baked castella cake topped with vanilla ice cream at the Kachidoki farmers market 2 weeks ago! (4/12) I was snapping this picture and some guy from the TBS tv station came up and interviewed me for photographing my food. I agree that it’s an interesting social phenomenon. 
Sundub lunch set at a really bad korean restaurant at Osaka station. The kimchi had a nasty rotten tang but everything else was so so. (4/6)
Mascarpone tart at comme ca ism cafe. This was back in Tokyo. (4/13)

Starbucks dinner at Tenmabashi. Wow. Crazy nostalgic although it was only a few weeks ago… (4/14) 

Ok now I can delete these pics off my phone!