Quest to meet my momma up north

Up north to Hokkaido, that is! 
Oright, brace yerrselves, this is my post about my super short first trip to Hokkaido on October 18~19 2014.
Actually you don’t have to brace anything, it’s gonna be a short one as usual.
Of course, we gotta start the post with a picture of food because we’ve become a generation that takes satisfaction from looking at things that are en route to our tummies. I mean, look at the translucency of the salmon roe (which is a must try at Hokkaido so I’ve been told) and shininess of the salmon, I mean did people realise food were so beautiful before people started taking snapshots of every meal, or did food become more vain over time?? Bah. anyway the ikura was good. They were a lot less salty than the ones Ive had in Tokyo but were insanely fresh and each little sphere bursts in your mouth releasing those briny juices that could’ve been a baby salmon (maybe, i dont know, not a marine biologist).
This was the view from the hotel room I had to sneak into for the night because my mum’s tour guide didn’t allow visitors due to some insurance policy with the agency. He came calling and I had to hide in the bathroom like the Jack Nicholson’s character’s wife in The Shining. Twice.
But yes, isn’t the view beautiful?? After 4 years in Japan, I think this could be the first year I actually took the time / trips to go explore autumn sceneries in the countryside. Previous autumn ‘sceneries’ would’ve been trees at Toyama Park on the way to school or… yeah trees around school haha. 
Autumn would be my favourite season except for the sole reason that it leads into winter and its impending cold and misery. Therefore it drops to third place after Summer and Spring. Rather unfortunate because it happens to be my birth season.
PS the picture was taken at 6am because my mum’s tour was leaving the hotel at 7:30 am. Hashtag package tours.

Emak borek anak perempuan rintik!! On the left is a very very close family friend.

After seeing my mom off on Sunday morning I had a nice chill day by myself at Sapporo Art Park. It’s a HUGE park exhibiting random modern art structures/statues and man this is the kinda thing I really enjoy. Random art to spark random thoughts. And built in a scale bigger than your body so you could look up at it and feel small and think, oh my goodness why would a person spend all this money and materials to build something completely random in the name of art, and then you read their interpretation and title and you’re like oh, ok i think i get it.
Maple leaves turning bright orange for autumn. Slow down, tfhe tree on the left can’t catch up.
I mean, just check this out, this piece is called ‘Lets become a bench and take a break!’. If you notice they are all sitting on the person behind them, making a ‘bench’?? The artist calls for visitors to sit on the first person (or be sat on by the last statue) and take a break while being part of the art itself. I have no idea why they all have their hands up in the EAH but its cool. One thing though, I wish he’d done it in another colour because yellowish gold reminds me of Buddha statues.

The two pictures below show my fav piece from the place. It’s called ‘Phase’ if I remember correctly. It’s a structure made of smooth stainless steel and on that perfect day, it perfectly caught the reflection of its surroundings. The artist deliberately made use of the natural slope of the hill to create an even weirder optical illusion,  and from every angle you could catch a different perspective of yourself, the space behind you, or even the sky.

Time for a semi-artistic selfie.

It almost looks like an LED screen or a projected image, don’t you think? But trust me it’s just a block of steel created in the name of art, expressing nature in a way most people aren’t used to, and for a moment I actually felt moved by it, and by the beauty of nature around me and how lucky I am to be able to enjoy it. Well done, Tada Minami (多田美波)

Sapporo Art Park hosts about 80 or so of these art pieces located around the park. It took about 1 whole day to visit but I highly highly recommend it because it’s really worth the time!

They were also having an exhibition of Fujishiro Seiji’s works in the indoor gallery and it was another amazing experience. It was my first time hearing about him but apparently he’s this 90 year old who dedicated his life to creating ‘shadow art’. They were illustrations of this ‘wonderful world’ with colour and magic and little people dancing with animals and stars and rainbows. Try googling him, you won’t be disappointed. I bought a 1000 piece puzzle of one of his works from the souvenir shop. It’s currently not finished yet but when it’s done I’m definitely gonna upload a picture of it here, so look forward to it!



Tateyama Hike

Tateyama was beautiful. I don’t know what’s my problem but I ‘m just too shy to post them on Facebook! I don’t want to bombard people with information unrelated to their lives. Also, what if they plan on going there in the future and I’m basically spoiling it for them, ya know?? Bottom line I just don’t know how to use FB anymore. What is social media anyway. That question will need one whole day to ponder.

Here are my Tateyama pics. This could be one of the biggest, grandest scenes of nature I’ve beheld (maybe second or same level as the Calanques in Cassis)! It’s the kind of place that makes you feel small, physical or problems/feelings, wtv.

The hike (more like walking and various modes of transportation) lasted a whole day and ended with a visit to the tallest dam in Japan (Kurobe Dam).

I feel like maybe providing more information/history about the hike, perhaps it could be helpful to some gaijin travellers out there… but I’m still trying to figure out the purpose of this blog. Will it be a travel blog? nah, i don’t travel enough what with a 9-5 job. will it be a food blog? nah, i don’t think i deserve to be called a foodie and i don’t enjoy cooking. diary blog? what is the point of a diary blog but self satisfaction? but hey that sounds like a sufficient answer, for now.

catch ya later.