Tateyama Hike

Tateyama was beautiful. I don’t know what’s my problem but I ‘m just too shy to post them on Facebook! I don’t want to bombard people with information unrelated to their lives. Also, what if they plan on going there in the future and I’m basically spoiling it for them, ya know?? Bottom line I just don’t know how to use FB anymore. What is social media anyway. That question will need one whole day to ponder.

Here are my Tateyama pics. This could be one of the biggest, grandest scenes of nature I’ve beheld (maybe second or same level as the Calanques in Cassis)! It’s the kind of place that makes you feel small, physical or problems/feelings, wtv.

The hike (more like walking and various modes of transportation) lasted a whole day and ended with a visit to the tallest dam in Japan (Kurobe Dam).

I feel like maybe providing more information/history about the hike, perhaps it could be helpful to some gaijin travellers out there… but I’m still trying to figure out the purpose of this blog. Will it be a travel blog? nah, i don’t travel enough what with a 9-5 job. will it be a food blog? nah, i don’t think i deserve to be called a foodie and i don’t enjoy cooking. diary blog? what is the point of a diary blog but self satisfaction? but hey that sounds like a sufficient answer, for now.

catch ya later.

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