Bangkok on ‘Business’

I have slight jet lag – usually I wake up at around 7-7:30 for work but 7:30 in Japan is 5:30 here in Bangkok. Tried my best to sleep a little more and it’s still only 6:50 am and I’m only leaving the hotel at 8:30. 

Just checking me some emails and blog gin’ then. 

I have not been in Bangkok since 2006 when I was 16 aka 8 years ago with the gang! How come I don’t remember having mango sticky rice though? Hmm 
Although the sights and sounds are nothing new to a Malaysian but because they’re so different from what I’ve been used to for the past few years so I couldnt help taking some pictures like a tourist. 
So nervous about my first visit to AS later but this is exactly the sort of nervousness I need to finally feel some timely ‘excitement’ about this job. Honestly there were times I felt I was just bumming through life by falling into the traps of the double standard for foreigners, and relying too much on the fact that I can always go home. Therefore it’s so imperative for me to step out of my comfort zone for the sake of self improvement to justify why I’m going through all the loneliness and sometimes stupid stress that comes from choosing to work in Japan. 

More interesting updates later, hopefully!