My favourite place in Switzerland

Technically, my favourite place in Switzerland that I’ve visited.
Because Switzerland’s a country I would love to visit again in my lifetime, if I had the monies. Also check the note about my teenage children further down in the article.

This is a view of Lake Leman at the harbour just a few minutes’ walk from Ouchy station in Lausanne.
It looked and felt like heaven. Everything was perfect from the warm crepe that I adventurously tried to order speaking full French (tres excitement!) and hot cappuccino and cool breeze…

…and one uncle, probably a local walking his dog. I didn’t know the dog’s breed but he looked a bit like a white sheepdog. He couldn’t wait to get his fluffy fur wet by strolling into the lake.

I’m so glad Danchan’s school is here. Because I don’t think Lausanne is a popular destination for tourists relative to Geneva or Zurich or Lucerne, there were only a few locals and a small group of Asian girls (probably students studying in Switzerland or France) in the area. Lausanne also houses the International Olympic Committee and the official Olympic Museum which I got to visit for free with my Swiss Pass! I can’t recommend that place enough. It was so motivating and I came out completely convinced that Olympics is truly a very interesting and effective symbol to advocate world peace. Did you know that in the times of the ancient Olympic games held in Olympia, all wars were to cease during the time of the Games so that sportsmen (usually noble representatives from each ‘state’ in Greece) can travel safely to the competition venue? And did you know that at every Olympics, the torch actually gets (probably symbolically or electrically) lighted in Olympia and transported by famous sportsmen by various ways and modes of transportation ALL THE WAY to the host cities?? I didn’t! 
If i had the opportunity I am definitely bringing my future teenage children to Switzerland to visit this museum and the Palais de Nations (United Nations Geneva office) to inspire the sh*t out of them. 

Feet selfie!

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