社会人一年目を振り返って Looking back on my first year as a working adult PART 1

PART 1: April – June 2014

April 1st 2014 – 入社式 Company’s Welcome Ceremony

Out of the 101, 7 non-developers including me (those not directly involved in making video games) 

Out of the 101, 24 got posted to Tokyo. The rest stayed in the Osaka HQ. 

Out of the 101, there were 20 girls. 
Here are the 7 of us non-developers, minus one. 

Of the 7 of us, 4 were sent to Tokyo (and then 1 was sent back), 2 were sent off to work at amusement centers in the far, far suburbs. 

2/7 girls. She was a later addition too so I got a new friend and I think she may be my first close japanese friend after 5 years of living in this country lol. 

April 20 – May 9
Training at arcade plazas first in Narita for a week, then Okazaki, Nagoya in the suburbs for almost a month. 

What they intended for us to learn: 

– Deeper understanding of the company products
– To experience direct, firsthand interaction with our customers
– Spirit of customer service
– Teamwork 
– ほうれんそう (literally sounds like ‘spinach’ in japanese but is an acronym for 報告、連絡、相談、 aka to report, contact and discuss with your colleagues and seniors whenever it’s necessary) 
– Discipline 

What I learnt: 
– In fact, all of the above, wow good job, designer of this training course
– Plus alpha, Japanese honorifics and life in the suburbs 
– Played my guitar almost every night at the hotel hehe 

One of my tasks was to check all the photo booths in the arcade to check if the features were in order. By features I mean the eye enlarging, makeup slapping, skin brightening, leg lengthening effects and in my opinion, absurd things that these things do. No idea why anyone would pay to get these done, except if the reason were to meta-ly make fun of the ridiculousness of it all. Plus they are frigging tiny and the colors fade with time I think. 

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