Last Friday 7/24 marks the end of another chapter of my life. A chapter called my first full-time job in my life. It was also my first time working at a full-fledged Japanese company with Japanese corporate culture and rules, of which some I understood but some just made me scratch my head or left my mouth agape with confusion. I was lucky enough to be assigned to a team consisting of veteran gaijins (although I have wished during my whole time there to have some other young person join the team) who taught me about life; the positive and the negative, either directly or indirectly. 
To be honest I don’t have TOO many complaints about the job. If I were forced to list them up, ok fine maybe I wanted to get paid better / more incentives. Plus maybe to be given some more challenging tasks. I’m sure if I asked for more tasks I would have been given more, but I was stuck in my comfortable bubble where I was just cruising through life, AS USUAL. I wanted to take life easy. I wanted a life where my own time comes first, and my job is secondary. But I also want financial stability… lol sometimes I am quite ashamed of my own sense of entitlement. 
Hey but I guess I am ‘giving back’ by being a volunteer for the next 4 months. From mid August I will have no income and no Japanese address, GULP.
同期たち。I sincerely hope this bunch of good, kind, creative people will create a title that will rock the socks off the online gaming industry in the future.

チームメンバーたち。Nice people who have experienced too much of the dark side of the business corporate world. Hahahaha I kid. Genuinely good people each with their funny quirks. Can you see the lack of oestrogen in my team?? Also the combined average age is late 30s.

事業管理室のメンバーたち。Business Admin Team. My team ‘on paper’ only. Basically I was assigned to be in this team for my first year but never worked with them irl. Cool people who treated me really nice but I betrayed them by not telling most of them I was quitting until the last minute. Lol 社会人失格。Soray.
Some people I definitely want to keep in touch with, but I can’t deny that there will be some people in there whom I will not see again once I officially leave after next Friday (7/31, going out to clean my desk and hand in my final assignment of penterjemahan buku teaks matematik). 
Things I will miss about this job: the view of Tokyo from the 46th floor,  the cruise mode, stability, bragging rights about being affiliated with all the awesome IPs.
Things I will not miss: the lack of friends/confidants, the commute, the keigos, the cruise mode.
Farewell! It’s been an interesting and valuable experience. I think my timing of quitting is rather good because if I stayed longer I may start to resent it. Now I have nothing but grateful memories for the place and all the people there 🙂 大変お世話になりました!